Sudbrook School provides a nurturing and enabling environment for 2-4 year olds to learn through play in the nursery environment.

We offer funded nursery education for children aged 3-4 years as well as eligible 2 year olds. We also offer extended funding as a part of the government’s 30 Hour Funding to qualifying parents.

It is our aim to deliver an enjoyable, inviting and exciting environment in which through imaginative play and creative thinking children learn and flourish. Stimulating children’s curiosity through real life experiences such as learning about the life- cycle of a butterfly and directed child-centred activities appropriate to their individual stage of development such as reading and writing is at the heart of our planning. We support our children in becoming increasingly independent and self-confident by teaching them life skills such as cooking. Meanwhile children are encouraged to converse and co-operate with others in a kind, respectful and sensible manner.

Daily Routine

The nursery is open weekdays 9am to 12.15pm and children have the opportunity to remain in the afternoons until 4pm with an option to stay until 5pm. Nursery children are also welcome to attend the Early Birds club from 8am to 9am every morning.

Additional Morning Sessions

Ad hoc morning and afternoon sessions can be arranged at an additional fee provided there is availability.

Snack & Lunch

Children bring a snack to have at the nursery at 10.30 am. Those children who will be staying for the afternoon also required to bring a packed lunch to nursery.

Settling-in sessions for new starters

We realise that a child’s first introduction to nursery is a very emotional time for parents and children so each settling –in process will be adapted to meet the needs of different families. The Settling– in Guidance which is emailed to every new parent provides general guidance as a starting point which will them be adapted to meet the child’s needs