Afternoon Sessions and Holiday Camps

Breakfast Club 8 am

Afternoon Sessions

Monday: Music and Movement

Tuesday: Drama

Wednesday: Football

Thursday: Little Scientists

Friday: Cooking

Holiday Camps (During school breaks)

Additional Morning Sessions

Ad hoc morning sessions for children who attend less than five mornings comes at a cost of £40.00 a morning.

Early Bird’s Club

Children are offered the opportunity to attend Early Bird’s Club from 8:00am when they can enjoy having breakfast and playing with their friends in a fun and relaxed environment.

Early Bird’s Club is also available to Bear Club Children from 8:00am .

Afternoon Sessions

Afternoon Sessions run five afternoons each week from 12:30pm until 3:00pm with an option to remain until 4:00pm. These themed and more structured sessions are available to children once they display emotional and physical readiness as assessed by the child’s key person.

Children bring a packed lunch to have with their friends and take part in activities supervised by members of staff and taught by external professionals when appropriate.

If you would like your child to attend one or more of these sessions please let the office know as places are limited and they are very popular. Although children are welcome to have taster sessions, it is not possible to swap one afternoon session for another.

Thirty Hour Funding is applicable to afternoon session attendances for all eligible parents


At the Monday afternoon session Little Kickers supported by Sudbrook staff provide children with a positive introduction to sport by teaching high quality football skills in a friendly pressure free environment.

Music and Movement

Our experienced music teacher will engage the children in fun filled dance and music activities while they expand their repertoire of songs and learn to play instruments as a part of a group.


This session is taught by a Drama Teacher. For example in “The three little Pigs” we explored the movements of the animals, looked at key dialogue which we used later on in the acting sequence. 

The children explore morals, kindness and knowledge of the world in a creative and imaginative way.  We also play games which develop coordination, teamwork and thinking . We finish the session quietly with music and a wind down with time to reflect on all we have done.  More than anything we have fun and we play. Every idea is nurtured and there is always a time to be silly!

Little scientists

In this Thursday afternoon session activity children will engage in exciting science experiments which will take place indoors and outdoors. In doing so children’s imagination will be inspired as they explore action-packed programs of hands – on activities exploring a spectacular array of scientific themes and topics.

Cooking Club

Cooking Club takes place each Friday and at this session children have the opportunity to develop their cooking skills in a fun and relaxed environment. The children will be making delicious food from around the world using the finest ingredients.

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